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Prairie Village Football Club: About Our Club


What are we trying to achieve?

Our mission at Prairie Village FC is to provide individually oriented, local soccer education to players who wish to learn more about the game, more about themselves, and more about the value of teamwork and friendship.

To this end, we teach a possession driven, team based, patient method of playing soccer. We feel that teaching students the game using this playing style allows for:

  • Significant individual growth
  • A clear understanding of how to co-operate with others
  • The value in working towards common goals with friends

How do we achieve this?

At Prairie Village FC, we believe all of an individual’s skills and attributes can be divided into two basic categories:

Physical – what a player is able to do with the ball during a match
Mental – the decisions a player makes during a match

These two areas of growth inform all of our training activities. Our training sessions are planned a season in advance, to form an appropriately tailored curriculum of learning.

To help our players learn our playing style, many of our activities are repeated at training each week, to positively reinforce the basic skills required to be part of a possession driven game. In addition to this, a portion of each training session is dedicated to serving the specific needs of individual players. Players are broken up into small groups of common need, and given assistance in addressing that need, whatever it might be. Another portion is dedicated to group activities inspired by aspects of the previous match.

Essentially, we design our training sessions to be part practice sessions, and part rehearsals for our matches. To further help our players’ development we offer clear and consistent feedback to parents through monthly and season end reports.

What about matches?

Prairie Village FC views competitive matches as performances. They are occasions to show others what we have learned, and opportunities to enjoy the fruits of working towards common goals with others. With regards to playing time, whilst no guarantees can be made to any player regarding specific amounts of playing time, Prairie Village FC has an excellent track record in identifying and developing underlying talent – particularly that which isn’t immediately obvious to the untrained eye. Providing an environment for this sort of talent to flourish is what we enjoy most about our club. Having a squad which has strength in depth is vital to the sort of soccer we teach. As a result, over the course of a season, we give all players sufficient opportunities to perform and learn more about playing the game through matches.

What does this result in?

Preparing to perform in a competitive environment ensures a timely and appreciable level of improvement. It is this which makes our way of learning valuable and worth committing to. By providing soccer education in the manner outlined above, we hope to give our players a great sense of enjoyment and understanding for the game of soccer, as well as a sense of confidence and self-worth which will remain with them for years to come.

Our Club was founded in 2014. We were featured on KMBC Channel 9 with Lara Moritz: you can view the interview here.